We are a maternity clothing rental subscription service. Our goal is to offer you a convenient and individual styling experience through renting maternity clothes. This provides you, as a pregnant woman, stylish clothes and greater variety without breaking the bank.

You’re only pregnant for nine months and during that time, your body is changing. Why spend a lot of money and buy clothes that you will only wear for a few months? Stylish, good quality clothes are expensive and clutter your closet. By renting, you can have a rotating wardrobe. As your body changes or you want to try something else, you can get different clothes. Plus, the cost is a fraction of what it would be if you bought the clothes.

On average, our prices are up to 80% off retail prices. This allows you to spend less and have greater variety!  You can use the savings on other baby gear.

Clothes are selected based on your responses on the profile questionnaire. So, feel free to leave as much detail as you’d like!  And don’t forget to provide us feedback once you receive your packages because that will also help us to continue to improve and get the right clothes for you.

There are currently  3 options which you can choose from based on your needs.
1 Item box: $50. This is for a special occasion. Maybe it's a dress for a wedding, black tie event or even your baby shower. You can keep this item for 7 days.
3 Item box: $69/month.   This gives you an unlimited maternity wardrobe and allows you to always look fresh and stylish! You can exchange the clothes as many times as you'd like. Send 1, 2, or 3 items back and receive the same number of items delivered to your door. Keep the items as long as you'd like.
5 Item box: $99/month. This is the same as our 3 Item box but you get more options since your box comes with 5 items, not 3.

Shipping is free for all options!

You can exchange it easily! Just use the prepaid envelope to exchange anything you don’t like. When you do send items back, please complete the Feedback Card.  That will help us understand what you do and don’t like.

You take care of them as if they are your own but when we receive them, we have them inspected and professionally cleaned before sending to another person.

We understand that there may be minor damage to clothes after much wear. If there are minor stains, no problem; there will be no charge. If the item has significant damage, is ruined or lost, then we will charge you the current retail value of the item.

Of course! After all, we are a service for you. Just send us an email (or include a note when you return your clothes) AND ensure that your rented items have been returned to us before the renewal date. We must have both the notification and the clothes in our posession to cancel.

It’s easy! Use the prepaid envelope provided in your box and put the items in the bag. Simply drop off at any Post Office. Or you can arrange for them to pick up at your house.

If you do fall in love with something, let us know and we can provide the current retail value to buy the item. Email us at

”I think the idea of rental maternity clothes makes so much sense! And the customer service was excellent. :). Thank you!” - Hayley